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Pay As You Go Flex Passes | seasons passes

We've created New Flex Passes that let you pay as you go!

For more information, or if you have questions regarding our "Pay as you go" payment plan, please call  877-796-1001 press (press 1).
  • All quoted fees are subject to applicable taxes
  • Start-up requires first & last payment up front
  • Monthly increments due on the 1st day of each month
  • Post dated cheques, or a valid credit card, must be provided on start-up
  • Six-month passes are for six consecutive months
 Flex Pricing ScheduleOriginal PriceSurcharge 10%Flex-Plan Price7 Payments April6 Payments May5 Payments June4 Payments July
Pass Options
6 Month Limited$1,595$159.50$1,754.50$250.64$292.42$350.90$438.63
6 Month Unlimited$1,795$179.50$1,974.50$282.07$329.08$394.90$493.63
12 Month Limited$1,795$179.50$1,974.50$282.07$329.08$394.90$493.63
12 Month Unlimited$1,995$199.50$2,194.50$313.5$365.75$438.90$548.63
12 Month Couples Limited$2,695$269.50$2,964.50$423.50$494.08$548.90$741.13
12 Month Couples Unlimited$2,995$299.50$3,294.50$470.65$549.08$658.90$823.63
Annual Single Cart Pass$1,200$120$1,320$188.57$220$264$330
Annual Couples Cart Pass$1,700$170$1,870$267.14$311.67$374$467.50