Guided Fishing Tour

Join Sandpiper Golf Course as we team up with a prestige flyfishing guide to offer you a truly unique combination of two classic sports. The Field and Stream program combines one-half day of incredible salmon fishing on the Fraser/Harrison Rivers with 18 holes of breathtaking golf. Sandpiper Golf Course provides a full day’s activity right on the property. The program is completely scalable with groups from 2 to 50 participants. Great for parties and corporate events! The Fraser River is one of the largest and most majestic rivers in beautiful British Columbia. Complete with world class salmon, sturgeon, steelhead and trout fishing- the famous Fraser River is favoured by anglers all over the world. Sandpiper is situated directly on the beautiful turquoise Harrison River,  just minutes away from the boat launch. The guide will pick you up at the Sandpiper boat launch, in their full-sized jet boats, and entertain you for half a day while you are surrounded by nature and scrappy fish. Continue to spend the rest of your day teeing off. A typical package includes guided fishing, fishing gear, lunch or dinner, golf and a shared power cart. Packages start at $249 per person and can be combined with an overnight stay at the beautiful Rowena’s Inn on the River. These overnight events are split between one afternoon and the following morning. Species and Seasons Monster runs of Chinook (King), Coho (Silver), Chum, Sockeye and Pink Salmon make their way up the Fraser/Harrison on an adventurous journey to their final destination. The timing of these runs often overlaps each other, and it is not uncommon to catch several species on the same day. Whether you are a fly-fisher or a gear fisher, these fish are feisty and up for the battle! Chinook Salmon are the largest of the Pacific Salmon and fight like they're out to prove it! Long, powerful runs and intimidating head shakes often leave anglers shaking long after the fight is over. Chinook over 30 pounds are common; however, salmon over 60 pounds are hooked often enough to keep us on our toes and always ready to run down the shoreline. This fishery is most abundant from May to the end of October. Coho Salmon are one of B.C.'s most sought after fish. With tail walking and crocodile rolling, these scrappy salmon readily take sparse flies and never fail to get the guide excited when they perform an acrobatic show. This fishery is in prime shape from early September through to the end of November. Chum Salmon are perhaps the most underestimated fish of the salmon species. Averaging 15 to 20 pounds, these fish are bulldogs and are quickly becoming famous for being the new large game sport fish of choice. These fish come into the the Harrison River, and are plentiful from mid September to November. Pink Salmon are probably the easiest of the five Pacific Salmon to catch and often provide anglers with double digit days. Pink Salmon enter the Fraser River system every odd year (2013 being the next year) and, true to form, they have a hard time resisting pink flies and jigs. Pink Salmon enter our local rivers in September and October.