Easter Sunday Brunch

Assorted Bakery Items

muffins, homemade fruit pies, fruit pastries, chocolate croissants, muffins

honey, granola, fresh fruit display, yogurt & muesli


Fresh scrambled eggs

Duo of eggs benedict

Classic, Clubhouse


Crisp bacon, savory maple breakfast sausage

Waffles, strawberry compote, chantilly cream

Seasoned hash browns


Savoury tomato & cream cannelloni, ricotta cheese & spinach

Grilled chicken chimichurri with spring vegetables and rice pilaf


Carving honey ham, sweet maple-apple glaze


Omelette station to create your personal masterpiece with Chef Jonathon

Ham, shrimp, mushrooms, green onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, red onions,

jalapeños, cream cheese


$26.95 - Adults 12 Years and Over

$14.95 - 6-11 Years

Complimentary - Under 5 Years, Over 99 Years

$24.95 - Members